Xl - Vertical Cladding

A large column & boom system ideal for cladding of large elbows & flanges.

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The system incorporates a column & boom manipulator with floor turntable. The column & boom are made out of light weight heavy duty aluminium extrusion. (option of a 2nd turntable or welding positioner to maximise productivity).

Xl - vertical cladding system is designed & engineered as a heavy duty column and boom welding manipulator, fitted with servo motor controlled precision slides, wire feeder and welding torch.

The xl-vcs standard configuration is equipped with a turntable of 2.5mtrs. The system can be fully customised to the requirements of the end user.



  • Weld overlay of flanges up to 58” and elbows up to 46”

  • In house design & manufacturing of column & boom with options ranging from steel structure to extrusion profiles as optional moc.

  • Multiple water cooled hot wire torch configurations and lengths with fixed angle or adjustable angle heads.

  • 15” HMI with handheld wireless pendant.

  • Optional attachment of weld monitoring camera.

  • Column & boom series range from 2m x 2m to 6m x 3m

  • A versatile and cost-effective solution for larger size components.

  • Heavy duty precision slides driven by servo motor

  • Provision for 200kg jumbo spools / wire drums.

  • Remote diagnostics.

  • Data logging features.

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Weld Overlay

Ewm power source with hot wire

Weld Overlay

Reduced column height vide telescopic z slides.

Weld Overlay

Perfect design for extra-large/heavy components