Butt Welding

Achieves high quality butt joints between pipes and fittings.

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Butt welding stations are designed for productivity, quality and consistency. bws is developed to increase operational margins through optimising production lead time and cutting down the weld wire wastage to marginal levels.

bws helps to cut the welding time by over 40 %. It is ideal for pipe with various size ranging from 6” to 24” as a standard.



  • Real time graphical representations of essential variables including heat input

  • Correction of parameters in real time through pendant

  • Total wire consumption (indicative) in kg on display

  • Butt weld and cladding options with AVC

  • Choice of string or spiral bead

  • Override of volt, current, weld speed, wire feed & step distance from the pendant.

  • Full control of power source from plc/HMI/pendant

  • Touch retract function for fixed hf distance and consistent starts

  • Torch and wire retract on down slope

  • One touch 90 deg rotation in manual mode for quick truing of job

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Weld Overlay

Easy setup for pipe to flange & pipe to fittings joints

Weld Overlay

Automatic welding from root to capping in one setting.

Weld Overlay

Weaving feature with settable weave length, frequency & dwell times.