Horizontal Pipe Cladding

Perfect for weld overlay cladding of large pipes.

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The hpcs comprises of a hollow bore, height adjustable floating headstock and height adjustable floating idlers to clamp and support the pipe. Our system can accommodate pipes ranging from 6” upwards normally to a maximum of 48” diameter welding internally up to 12.5 meters in length.

The hpcs is designed as a turnkey package, supplied for internal weld overlay of pipes. The horizontally positioned pipes are rotated around their longitudinal axis while the torches are mounted on a lance which is guided along the inner wall.

Two standard models are available for 12m systems – twin head torch station and quad head torch station.

Our quad head welding torch lance, developed over a period of time by our team overlays a smooth surface of the corrosion-resistant layer clubbed with low dilution rates producing consistent results and improved productivity.



  • Hot wire pulsed tig process to minimize dilution and maximize fusion

  • Real-time remote weld monitoring and data logging of weld & utility parameters

  • Touch retract function with settable gap for hf strike

  • Full traceability of production records to allow quantitative analysis

  • Digital display for torch position and balance to clad

  • Auto return of the torch and rotator to last stop position

  • AVC controls via titanium push rods on ball screw slides

  • Dry run function for validation of parameters

  • Wire feed, welding speed and rpm on display

  • Dual HMI/tab at either end of the station

  • Graphical display of parameters like volts, current, weld speed, wire feed, deposition rate, clad thickness, heat input etc.

  • Override facility for weld parameters in auto mode

  • Fully digital inverter type power source from EWM, Germany which is optimized for automated applications vide ether cat for swift signal exchanges.

  • Single wire/twin wire options

  • Arcing in any combination of 4 heads

  • Deposit rate up to 2.5 kg/hr./head

  • Clad thickness up to 2.5 mm per layer

  • Welding speed up to 600 mm/min

  • Wire feed from 600mm/min to 6000mm/min

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Weld Overlay

EWM power source with hot wire

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Wireless android based operating pendant

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Digital flow meters and flow switches with interlocks

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Industry first scissor type AVC